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I need a man with a good sense of humor..

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Alachua, United States

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Age: 38


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well i am a woman of Much Truthfulness i will always Like to tell You the truth about woman and what women want and will always Like To tell You the truth about me.i am a woman with No ages.i am Not a woman Who wants a man By ages.i am a woman who Goes By what is within and the feeling inside the man,Love has Got no boundaries,what will ages do for me when i have a man as Young as Me and he cheats and always treats me badly,dishonest and always untruthful?? that is exactly what happened in my last relationship.i just want a man who will Love me for whom i am and a man who will care for me and will always be there for me.not here for ages.ages are Just numbers for maths and counting Numbers for those who values it Much. i ain't into some kind of ages...
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