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simple, straight, honest, faithful, not betray,

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Sanford, United States

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Age: 34


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I love lots of things good mix of fun and serious. Outdoors, Philosophy, Culture, Arts ... Most interested in Wildlife, Birds, Travel, Photography - Outdoor and Scientific Stuff I have somewhat unusual (fringe) interest and my interest is peaked by scientific and technical things. I am facinated by the way things work i.e. how the universe came about, how we socialise, what makes us tick, statistics and most importantly what do we need to do not to screw up the Earth we live on. I love getting away, travelling especially in Southern Africa. I read only non fiction, I never, no hardly ever watch TV. I love a good movie, a good book and theatre. I love critical thinkers who appreciate interesting things and have lots of questions. I am not looking for a party animal who pisses it up all the time but I can have fun and love others who do too. This may seem like I am very serious, not true I love a good party, enjoy my hobbies and love meeting new, engaging people. I cannot dance but I am willing to learn. I am hopeless at "Marketing" myself. I do think I have given a sense of what I am about.
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